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New source of iron ore from Iran available in 2019
----Interview with Ms. Samira HajiAkhoundi, Chairman of board
Mr. Afzali, Director of Sales Agent
Lipar Ocean Metal
Lipar Ocean Metal, is a leading Iranian mining company whose supply capacity of high grade iron ore fines would reach almost one million tons in 2019 and increase to 2.4 million tons in 2020. The mine is near to the ports and will become a reliable iron ore source to Chinese consumers.

Asian Metal: Ms. Samira, thank you very much for accepting this interview. Would you please give us an introduction of your company?

Ms. Samira: Lipar Metal is a mining company follows a development model based on respect for human and human capital in the form of establishing an international company with the hope of creating more prosperity for all people in the world.
With its special geographic location, our country is the bridge with three continents, Asia, Africa and Europe and one of the richest lands in the world with its rich consistency and rich mineral diversity.
Lipar believes in Iran’s economic growth and prosperity in the development of mines and mining industries. We believe that the infrastructure and foundations for the development of the country are at the heart of the earth, and we are full of sympathy by our friends and colleagues. Processing and processing of finished products with our eyelashes, daring, brave and the earth’s surface, processing and processing of processed products, sitting together with our business partners.

Asian Metal: What is your plan for future?

Ms. Samira: Lipar Company is responsible for the development, strengthening and competitiveness of the mining and mineral industries and for the transformation of resources and products into the sustainable wealth in Iran.
Leader and leading in the sustainable development and development of Mining and Mining Industries and competitive Industries in global value chains.

Asian Metal: Would you please explain for us world market overview about your company?

Ms. Samira: World Steel Association, announced the top producer of iron ore and iron ingots with classification of countries and companies. According to the report, at the section of crude steel production, China is in the first place by producing 683.9 million tons per year! After that Japan by producing 107.6, USA with production of 86.4, Ukraine with 35.5, Brazil with 35.2 and Turkey with Production of 34.1 million tons per year is in 2nd place to 10th. Iran with producing 15.64 million tons per annum is at the 17th place. China will make a breakthrough in the steel industry as well as many other things in the future:
1. World, including Iran, will require new sources of iron ore.
2. Steel industry will move increasingly towards mineral resources.
3. Scrap metal prices will increase.
4. New Technologies that can produce steel from lower grade of iron ore will be economical.
5. Russia and Ukraine and India will hit the market.
The Oghianous Felez Lipar Company, Chabahar free zone, aims to extract and process the vast mineral deposits of the vast province of Sistan and Baluchestan, to create consistent, sustainable and productive employment, to contribute to the growth of the dynamic.
The exploitation license for Gordahan iron ore, a titanium iron Jamok mine and a low Jogazrnaires, is owned by the The Oghianous Felez Lipar Company. The value of these mines is $ 20 billion.
The Oghianous Felez Lipar Company has already invested $ 5 million in the Iron Ore, and so far, it has extracted 100,000 tons of iron ore.
The Oghianous Felez Lipar Company are building the first line of iron concentrate in the seventh industrial area of Chabahar Free Zone. The value of this production line is more than $ 7 million.
The Oghianous Felez Lipar Company, the owner of the Gordahan Iiron ore mine, and containing iron ore and titanium ore, Jogaz iron ore mine and Jamook iron ore mine.

Asian Metal: Mr. Afzali, Would you please to explain for us what the situation of your company now is and what is the capacity of your production?

Mr. Afzali: The characteristics of the iron ore iron ore and the first phase of the iron ore concentrate unit, Lipar Co. are as follows.
1. The name of the Ghordahan iron ore mine, located 223 km from the Chabahar port.
2. Mine Owner: Lipar Oceans Co.
3. Concrete mineral deposit with new geophysical exploration during extraction of more than 100 million tons.
4. At least the grade of iron flask in the mine is 54%.
5. Maximum iron cast iron in the mine 65%.
6. Minimum FeO is 9% and maximum FeO is 19% and average 16.5%.
7. Currently, there are 100,000 ton of husk with an average grade of 54% in the mine.
8. Pre-processing lines of iron ore with a capacity of 250 tons per hour.
9. The distance of the pre-processing unit from the mine's No. 1 Pit is about 200 meters.
10. The specification of the pre-processing line for iron ore pollen is as follows.
11. Input Capacity: 250 tons per hour with the ratio of iron ore to tailings of 60 percent.
12. Line Exit Capacity with Four Separator Magnetic Separators at least 150 tons per hour.
13. The number of direct employment in the iron ore mine is 80.
14. Investment up to now: $ 6 million.
15. Power consumption of the plant: 900 kWh.
Iron ore concentrate is an output product from processed ores that have been milled (crush, grind, magnetic separation) to separate deleterious elements and produce iron ore concentrate with Fe grade of about 68%.
Product specification: Minimum iron grade in concentrate: 68%.
Size distribution of concentrate: 44 micron.
Water Content of product: 9%.

Asian Metal: Can you give us information of details and time?

Mr. Afzali: The iron ore concentrate produced in the process will consist of mainly magnetite, with high iron content. It is suitable for the production of direct reduction grade oxide pellets.
At the first phase, which is the first step project in the steel making facility of Lipar. 0,96 Mtpa iron ore concentrate will be produced. In this phase, the first Lipar iron ore concentrator plant are under construction and have been completed and will be producing in 2019.
The second concentrator plant by 1.44 Mtpa capacity plant have been completed 2020 and will be producing and phase one will be with the total capacity of producing 2,4 Mt concentrate per year.

Asian Metal: Mr.Afzali, Please explane about the details of iron ore fine and concentrate?

Mr. Afzali: It’s better to give you the details of analyze at below:

Asian Metal: Can you give us information of details and time schedule of production?

Mr. Afzali: Lipar Co. Chabahar Free Zone with the aim of extracting and processing huge mineral deposits of the vast province of Sistan and Baluchestan, creating healthy, dynamic, sustainable and productive employment, contributing to the development of dynamic growth and in line with Iran's policies on the development of the Makran coast of this hidden treasure of Iran Land, in order to help achieve the objectives of the 5-year vision document and to meet the overall economic policies of the company, with a global, flexible, opportunistic, productive, inward, for-ward, and outsourcing approach, with a total cash of 29.5 Billions of Rials registered at the Chabahar Free Zone Registration Office at No. 3074.
At the time of its establishment, the company has completed its five-year strategic plan, tailor-made to the capacities and potentials of its huge titanium, iron and copper mines in the Fennuj Mining Zone, Sistan and Baluchestan Province, and the first phase of mineral processing units in In order to access the production of iron concentrate and non-separable iron-titanium concentrate, the design, construction, installation and commissioning of its first crushing line, the separation and filling of iron ore with a grinding capacity of 250 tons per hour (5000 tons per day) Finishing and producing Iron Ore.