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Illusion world economy
To fight against the economy crisis and prevent from 'second bottom-touch', the world society worked hard in 2011 and the economy recovered slowly. However, the continuous spreading debt crisis discouraged the world and the upcoming economy seemed unclear.
Challenge faced by China
China experienced various tests in 2011, the first year of “The Twelfth Five-Year Plan” and faced serious challenges like rising production cost, RMB appreciation pressure, and tight capital turnover caused by tightening monetary policy, etc. from both home and abroad. How will China face those challenges? Will new leaders issue surprising policies in 2012?
Energy-saving and emission reduction & aluminum industry adjustment
How did the energy-saving and emission reduction policy go in 2011? What was the influence to aluminum industry in China? How about the new aluminum ingot projects in Xinjiang? The power charge rose obviously because of the energy-saving and emission reduction policy, and aluminum ingot producers in mid-China faced high-held cost. How will those producers face the rising cost and compete with producers in Northwest China?
Rising dependence on bauxite & changing alumina production system
Enlarging alumina capacity in China strengthens dependence on bauxite import, but nations like Indonesia may restrict bauxite export. How alumina refineries especially in Shandong face the situation? The annual alumina capacity in plan reaches 21.97 million tons in Shanxi province, about 48.6% of total alumina capacity in China. Shanxi province will surpass Shandong province and become the leading alumina production region. Is that a good or bad news for the alumina and aluminum industries?
Join hands with Asian Metal
To make clear the above mentioned questions, Asian Metal is going to hold World Aluminum Raw Materials Summit 2012 in Shanxi Grand Metropark Wanshi Hotel on May 9-11, 2012. Famous and respectable personages from aluminum related industries, economy filed and Chinese government will take part in the summit to enjoy their vision with us.
Participation Return
The forum is warmly supported by the Xinhua News Agency, Reuters, Interfax, Bloomberg,, China Business News and Shanghai Securities News. At the same time, Xinhua, Sina, Sohu and Tencent will also establish special columns to give full coverage on the conference. In addition, the Organizing Committee will invite target customers to participate through effective way such as media advertising, mail advertising; SMS group sending, network fax and have further communication with participants so as to achieve cooperation.
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