Deep analysis on the supply and demand of the global rare earth market in 2013
The rare earth market saw tight supply in the first half year of 2011 and then quikly transitioned into a buyers’ market. Now rare earth market sees oversupply. Suppliers are under great pressure to conclude deals while consumers still delay purchasing and watch the market further. Will this situation change in 2013 and when will consumers return to the market again?
What lies ahead for rare earth downstream markets with enlarged production and soft demand?
Following the rebound of the rare earth sector last year, many participants entered into rare earth downstream industries, including NdFeB magnets, phosphor powder, catalyts and polish powder. While Chinese production capacity of NdFeB magnets is estimated to have hit 30,0000 tons per year, annual demand is allegedly only half of this figure. Phosphor powder, catalytic and polishing powder markets are also oversupplied. How will producers cope with slack demand? When will the markets pick up?
The impact of NdFeB magnet price fluctuations on downstream markets
The NdFeB magnets industry keeps slack and end users turn to find substitutes or alter production methods. End markets, such as wind powder, loud speakers and electric motors, continue to be silent. What influence has NdFeB magnet price fluctuation brought to end industries? What can downstream participants do to revitalize the markets?
Rare earth phosphor powder market situation
Rare earth phosphor powder market is flat at present. Plants are under pressure to make deals and are running at low production capacity. Insiders hold pessimistic attitudes towards the market in the coming one to two years. What will happen to the rare earth phosphor powder market in 2013?
Supply and demand in the Japanese, EU and US markets in 2013
According to Chinese Custom data, the rare earth export volumes are around 11,300 tons, the lowest recorded figure in recent years. Is demand from Japanese, EU and US markets reduced? What lies ahead for rare earth exports in 2013?